“Mommy look, I pooped on your letters…” 

Fellow mamas, I see you, I see past those perfectly edited Instagram photos. And I am here to tell you, you are NOT alone! We are all struggling to find a new normal amongst this crazy world. If you are anything like me, you are at a breaking point, or have been for months and are now desperately looking for a life-line. Mama, let me be your life-line. Let me give you a little relief from your crazy day with a little comedy, tears,or drama from mine. When they say “it takes a village” they really meant it. It’s time for moms to start coming together to support one another. So this is where my journey begins, MY life-line If you will. Creating a blog and social media platform for moms who need connection and a way to come out of the isolation, PPD and anxieties of motherhood! Anyways, let me rewind a little and provide some back story and a fun introduction to my crazy journey.

My name is Brielle, I’m a wife of 8 years and mom of 3 boys. My step son, almost 13, a 2-year old, and an 8-month old. If you ask my husband, I am a privileged stay-at-home mom. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I exclusively breastfeed my 8-month old, I  babysit out of my home full-time, with anywhere from 1-3 extra kids a day and to top of my “privilege”, I recently started working a retail job 3 days a week to help cover our increasing debt. And you all know it doesn’t stop there with the daily chores of a wife and mom. No need to go into details, we all know the list goes on and on!

Well, for the last few months we have been working on potty training our middle boy. Some of you may be thinking it’s too early, and boys potty train later than girls, blah blah blah… but he decided on his own that it was time. I’m not one to discourage my boys and if he thinks he’s ready, by golly, I’m going to do everything I can to support him. And wow! It’s been going great as far as peeing is concerned… Poop however has been an entirely different ball game. To get this child to poop on the potty, he needs the perfect combination of mommy’s support, a bowl of chocolate chips, and a very specific YouTube video… Yes, he is my dramatic, high maintenance child.  With multiple kids constantly running around, that is tough to accomplish everyday, thus, we clean up a lot of poop… He literally pooped on his potty training, toddler book today.

Anyway, A few weeks ago, we were having one of those days (you know what kind of day I’m referring to, the, “I just can’t be a mom anymore” kinda day), I decided to take the kids outside to play for a while so I could take a little breather. Everything was going fine, I was lounging in my patio chair with a refreshing iced coffee, the baby was sleep-eating (as I like to call it) at the boob, m life was going to be ok…until my toddler screams, “mom, I need to go poop”!! I quietly whisper FML under my breath and in my rush to pull the baby off my breast, he immediately starts crying. Of course today is also one of the days I have additional kids. So we all scramble as fast as we can to get into the house. Of course, no one actually wants to go back inside so all of the kids are now crying… and the oldest of 5-years (who is at his, question everything in life stage) is drilling me on everything happening… “Aunt BB, why do we have to go inside, Aunt BB, why does he need to poop, Aunt BB, why does he use the potty now, Aunt BB, why are all the babies crying…” What a scene…

Well, you called it. My son couldn’t hold it any longer, dropped his trousers, and shit right on my welcome mat… and then excitedly exclaimed, “look mommy, I pooped on your letters!” And yet again…. I’m met with those judging stares from my multiple elderly neighbors…

If that doesn’t say, welcome to my shit show, I don’t know what does!! 

So! If you are a mom in need of a little humor, a reality check that you aren’t alone in this messy world of motherhood, or a just a mom looking to connect with another mom!!! JOIN me on my journey and follow my blog. I’m not going to sugar coat it here. You will get the REAL, un-edited, black and whites (and everything in between) of motherhood. 

4 thoughts on ““Mommy look, I pooped on your letters…” ”

  1. OMGOODNESS!!! Bri, with 4 kids all under 4 at one time, I know the chaos you described!! From Savannah cutting Caleb’s hair to the scalp as well as cutting her own, to the boys throwing pancake mix all over my kitchen while I went to the bathroom, to the boys shooting the bow and arrow in the house in my bedroom closet at a box!! LOLOLOLOL. They were about 11 and 12 then. So I’d like to say it gets so much better but it just gets more interesting!! LOLOLOLOL

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